Wednesday, May 14

When A Baby Is On The Way.....

I received an email yesterday from a reader just yesterday and she ask me for a bit of advice. She and her hubby are expecting a baby in a few months and she cannot wait to be a stay-at-home mom!! She asked me to share any tips that I may have to help her to start to save a bit of money here and there on the you all know every little bit saved helps, right??

So I have been thinking??? Where do I begin??? I will start simple.....

1. Shop the Grocery Sales.....She said she is a loyal Acme shopper! Now, do not get me wrong, Acme is not a horrible place, it's a lovely, clean store....but the prices are very high...and their sales are not so hot!! Yes, I do run to Acme about once a month to pick up a few great deals they have....but as far as doing my weekly grocery shop...Acme is not the place!!! Shop Rite is in her area and well worth the extra few minute drive to get too....and the sales are way, way better!!

2. Start packing lunches!!! This can save some big bucks over time!! No, I am not saying to never eat out for lunch ever again....geez that would just be mean of me!!! lol lol But start reducing the amount of days you and hubby buy lunch out. If you are spending $10 a day on lunch and you just cut out 3 days a week, you could save $120 a month!! Just imagine the savings if you take lunch 5 days a week?? Tempting, right??

3. Sign up for the Sunday Newspaper..... This is where you will get the great coupons you need to save on those weekly shopping trips!!! Click here to find the best deal on your local Sunday newspaper.

4. Start CVS-ing......This is the best place to get diapers, health & beauty items, and many other FREE after Extra Bucks items as well!!! Watch out's addictive!!!

5. Know your prices....she had mentioned that when she needs an item...she buys it as long as there is a sale tag in front of the item on the shelf. I recommended to her to start a price book....this way you will know if X item that is on sale is a good deal or not!!

6. Get Veggies, flowers, and fruit at Produce Junction....this is a great way to save on fresh produce as well as eggs, yes....they sell eggs there too!!

Do you have any other great tips to offer.......Please share any tips, she would be ever so grateful!!

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