Tuesday, May 27

To Keep the House Clean.....

This weekend, as we always do once a year we spent Sunday power washing the house. I must admit...it is a time consuming, not so fun job...but the pay-off is good for only a days worth of work! LOL LOL Hubby and I take turns....as not to get too wet and worn-out....even though he really does most of the work!!

We power wash not only the house, but also all the outside toys, swing set, climbers, sidewalks & patios. It really does get all the caked on dirt, mildew, and stains off very easily with just the squirt of the nozzle. And best off all it gets those hard to reach places that would be impossible to clean without the power washer.

We have yet to purchase our own power washer, as thankfully my Dad lends us his every year. But, even if he did not have one, maybe we would rent one, or go in with a family member to purchase one, because I really think it is a great investment to keep our home clean year after year.

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