Friday, May 30

Do You Hang Dry Your Clothes??

There are just some things you follow in your mother's footsteps, I guess in this instance that saying is so true!! I remember as a kid I thought it was so crazy that my mom choose to hang dry the laundry verses using the dryer. I always thought to myself...then why do we even have a dryer....if for each load we only let the clothes dry in it for just 5 minutes or so???

Well...many years later it all started to make sense to me. It took me long enough...I know, I know!! LOL LOL When hubby and I got our first place together also many years ago.....he said that if I did not mind could I hang dry all his pants and shirts?? Man....I and I thought I was the only one raised in a household that were not dryer users!!! Were we meant for each other or what??

The reason he preferred his pants and shirts hang dried was because he is 6'3" and if you dry them...then they shrink a bit and he will have to rock high waters!! Not a good look for him....I must admit!! So...I took on the hang drying part of the washing clothes thing and have been doing it ever since!!

I noticed over the years that hang drying not only eliminates clothes from shrinking but also has other perks as well. It keeps clothing from getting badly faded so quickly, prevents piling on clothing, helps reduce the amount of dryer sheets needed, and also helps to save on gas/or electricity to run the dyer for a long period of time. For example, I have a favorite pair of flannel P.J's that are so cozy and warm for the winter...and after 2 years..they still look good as piling, no fading, and no shrinkage either!!

I do dry all our bath towels, socks, undershirts, sheets, and a few other misc. items. All our shirts, pants, shorts, and Tee's I dry for about 5 minutes...just enough to get the wrinkles out then I hang dry them on the clothes line in our laundry room.

It is force of habit let's see if my kiddies will continue the hang drying tradition???


Angie said...

I hang dry pretty much the same stuff you do!!

Definetly the kids stuff, it helps keeps them looking brand new. :)

Meghan said...

I hang everything & I mean everything....from underwear to sheets. Why? I do not have a dryer & I am not going to a laundry mat with a 21 month old! I have a portable washer & I just hang everything on drying racks, over banisters & hangers.

Looks like Lings Laundry at my house about once a week!

Miss Mommy said... is so true about the kids clothing looking like new....I passed all my Little Man's clothing down to my sister when she had my nephew...and she could not belive just how great they looked!!

Meghan...Savings money and your sanity...Good idea to skip the laundry mat!!