Friday, May 16

Time For ShopRite's Preview...Starts Sunday

Last week ShopRite had barely anything on sale at all. It was so bad I did not even make the trip. Thank goodness this week is a bit better with a few deals I will be heading in for........especially for the Big Memorial Day Weekend!!! Here are a few great buys I came across.....

----Memorial Day Specials---
*Yellow Corn .19 an ear
*Tyson Chicken Breasts $1.99 a lb.
*Pepsi 12-packs 5 for $10
*Twin Pack London Broil $1.79 a lb.

Dairy & Meats
*Ball Park Beef Franks $1.49 a pack (12.8 oz to 1 lb. packages)
*Land O Lakes Singles .99 (12 oz. package)
*Swiss Miss Puddings Cups (24 oz. any variety) $1.74
Oscar Mayer Fresh Deli Singles $1.99 (4.6 oz. package)@

*Marcal 12pk. Paper Towels $5.99
*Hefty Foam Plates $1.19 (25 to 60 count) @
*Hefty Gripper Bags $2.39 (20 count box) @
*Electrosol GelPacs $2.34 (20 count box) @
*Marcal Napkins $1.39 (250 count)

*Arnold Whole Grain Classics Bread $1.94 a loaf
*D'Italiano or Maier's Bread (20oz. loaf) $1.59

Health & Beauty and Baby
Huggies Diapers $8.99 Jumbo Pack @
*Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder (4 oz.) $1.99 @
*Osteo Bi-Flex $7.49 (40 or 50 count) @

*ShopRite Veggies 4 for $5 (20 oz package, any variety)

@ - Denotes coupon coming out in this Sunday's Coupon inserts
@ - Denotes coupon was in previous weeks Sunday Coupon inserts
Red- Denotes item is half price!!!!

Sale starts Sunday May 18th and ends Saturday May 24th. Did I miss any good ones??? Please let me know!!!

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