Wednesday, May 7

My CVS Experience For The Week......

Well I made my weekly trip to CVS this week...and I ran into a bit of a coupon 1st time ever!!! This week CVS has Playskool Brand diapers on sale 2 pack/$19.99. to make the deal worth it for me I had the following coupons as well.....
-1- $2.00.$10 CVS purchase coupon (at the bottom of my last recipt)
-1- $5/$30 any purchase coupon (sent via an email form CVS..was only good for the weekend)
-2- 1.00/Playskool Diaper coupons
and lots of Extrabucks to use too!!!

I had tried once before the Playskool diapers and really liked them! With all the coupons I had they worked out to be a good deal. My Little Miss is in a size 3...and there are 52 diapers in a pack. I also purchased a pack of Pampers diapers that were on sale this week for $8.99 (minus a manny I had!) , and a pack of gum to go over the $30 limit needed to use my $5 off coupon.

So I get my items and head up to the register. I hand over all my coupons she rings up my items...then she starts scanning coupons. All go threw just fine except for -1- of the $1.00/1 pack of Playskool diapers???? I had 2 coupons and I purchased 2 packs of diapers?? I was confused as to why she would not take it off?? She said she can only take 1 like coupon per transaction!!! Not to cause a scene...I just asked if she could take off the one pack of Playskool diapers...she said she would have to void out the whole transaction since she had already taken off my coupons and Extrabucks. Of course, she was the only cashier and there was a line of about 6 people behind me. She calls the manager.....and the manager walks up and stands next to her...she explains the story and he says "Yes, she's right"...and he walks away......

I purchased everything anyway...and took the unused $1.00 Playskool coupon home with me. Yesterday AM I called corporate...and asked if this was correct to only take one like coupon per order?? She informed me it was not and that she would credit me $3.00 Extrabucks to my CVS card for the hassle. She also said that the District Manager would be in touch with the next day or two. She apologized a few times and was very nice over the phone.

This was the first bad experience with CVS and taking coupons.....I was a little bummed while standing at the register mainly because I was not trying to cheat anyone out of anything just using 1 coupon per item. I guess I am just a bit too sensitive about my coupons...guess I need to toughen up a bit!!! LOL LOL

Have you every had a problem at CVS with them accepting a certain coupon??

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