Friday, May 23

Are Your Kiddies Big Juice Drinkers??? Little Man is!! Oh and so is Little Miss when she gets a hold of Little Man's cup she does not put it down until the juice is her belly that is!!! She can spot a juice cup miles away!!! LOL LOL I am a stickler when it comes to juice for My Little Man....when he does drink it, it must be 100% juice....not a fan of junk juice for him (my lingo for Kool Aid, etc.)!! Along with everything else in the grocery store lately the price juice has really sky-rocketed!! I remember just a short time ago when My Little Man was younger I could get Apple juice on sale for just $.99 almost every week. Those days are long gone unfortunately, but this week Acme has a great deal on Juicy Juice!!!

Starting today Acme has Juicy Juice (100% juice) Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!!! Plus there was a coupon a few weeks back in the Sunday coupon inserts for $1.00/ any 2 Juicy Juice products!!! So if you have the coupon and get a chance to go you can get 2 bottles of Juicy Juice for just $3.29!!! That works out to be just $1.65 a bottle!!! An awesome deal!!! I am definitely going to stock up....luckily I have about 8 coupons....thanks to my friends and family!!

*The sale starts today and runs threw Thursday May 29th.*

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Meghan said...

Off to Acme this weekend.
I guess I am lucky since I have 3 supermarkets in a block radius from me & Acme is the furthest takes me 1.30 seconds to get there....2 mins if I get stuck at the light.

Thanks for the tip!