Monday, May 12

Diapers and Wipes Price Drops at Walmart.....

Had to make a quick run into Walmart last all of my daughters Binky's seemed to have found new homes??? We have looked high and low for them with no avail.... So off to Walmart we went to get more of the fall asleep miracles (as we know them as) lol While in the baby department I of course had to see if there were any deals.....and I noticed that Luvs jumbo packs of diapers were $7.05 a pack. If you combine with a manufacture coupon it makes an even better deal!!! They also have added some extra wipes to the Parent's Choice big box for a new total of 480 wipes, instead of the old count of 432. Plus, they lowered the price to $7.50 instead of $7.97. So if you are in need of diapers and wipes...Walmart is the place to go!!!

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