Wednesday, May 7

A Great Trip to The Aquarium......

Yes, this is the 1st time for the both of my kiddies....have I been slacking or what?? You know why right?? Not many coupons come out often for our local Aquarium...LOL LOL No, that was a joke...well, sort of anyway!!

When about a month ago in a local coupon magazine that comes out they had a coupon for two 50% off admission coupons to Adventure I decide it was time to go!!! My sister and I gathered a few more coupons, our mom...and yesterday we made the trip!! We decided to take the train there as we thought the kiddies would get a kick out of was cheap to ride.....just $1.35 per adult. The kiddies thought it was so cool!! It was thier first train experience..and a fun one too!!

We arrived at the Aquarium and we headed in right way!! We ventured around and saw lots, and lots of cool fish, sharks, sea lions, and even got to touch a few small sharks, jellyfish, and stingrays. We trekked around and checked out the whole place in about 3.5 hours. There is a lot to see...and explore!! My mom went with us for the day...and along with the kiddies after the 3.5 hours she too was ready to go!!! LOL LOL

Off we were..back to the train.....even though my Little Man wished we could of stayed way he absolutely loved it!!! I am sure we will be back again soon!!

If you are nearby and have a chance to go.....on May 10th, the Adventure Aquarium is having NBC 10 Day...where admission is just $10 all day long!! This is almost 1/2 price!!

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