Thursday, May 8

What To Do With All Those Crafts......

As you probably already know, my Little Man loves to make crafts!! We make lots of crafts at home, plus he makes more crafts at playgroup, the library, and at the mall during a Mommy and Me program they have each month. He is so proud of all of his artwork....but over the past 4.5 years...we have tons of it!! He does sometimes make them for certain people (Grandmom, Titi, Pop-Pop....) but most of the time he like to keep them for us! help keep them organized I had to come up with a better way to save them....and no, not all of them!!!! LOL LOL

I take the artwork/craft each time he makes one write his age on the back of it,(if he decides it is for us to keep)and place it in a box on my attic steps...then periodically we go threw the box as it gets too full. Then he picks and chooses his favorites and we pass on the rest or discard them. Whichever he decides to do with them.

It is a cool we go threw the box he remembers when and where he made the craft, with who and always has a little story about it!! And I am sure over time we will keep going through the box a bit here and there to thin out as more and more crafts are completed.

Just an easy way I found that was best for us to keep his prized pictures safe and sound!!!

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