Tuesday, May 27

Free Forsythia......

My Nana has a huge yard with tons and tons of beautiful plants, bushes, annuals, perennials, and much more. If she ever she has a plant or bush she wants to get rid of......she knows to give me a call and most times I will take it off of her hands. Just the other day I was chatting on the phone with her and she mentioned that she needed 2 Forsythia taken out as they were just too crowded in the spots that they were in. She asked me if I had a spots for them?? And I do....as you all know we are painting our shed this weekend and I have always wanted to plant a few bushes along the side of it to hide it a bit. Even though it will be freshly painted...bushes are still so much nicer to look at!!!

So just the other day I ran over and dug them out....with the help of My Little Man, of course !!! He is such a great little helper!! And here they are.....not planted yet....but will by the end of the week!!!

I am so excited....I think that they will look great next spring when they get nice yellow flowers all over them!!! I cannot wait!!!

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