Friday, May 23

Giving Great Chairs a New Clean Look.....

My sister has a great kitchen is not that old and is in great condition (and no, I am not just saying this because I purchased it for her) LOL LOL.....just the seat cushions are a bit worn and stained. I can relate she has two kiddies under chair covers tend to take a beating...lots of spilled ice-cream, pudding, ketchup, etc. She was considering buying a new set...but then I had mentioned to her about re-covering the chair cushions......

So guess what she called me yesterday morning....and guess what we did yesterday during nap time??? Re cushioned all her chairs!! It was very easy to do....and took only about an hour.

The cost.......just $4.00 for the $4 for the staples for the staple gun.....OH yeah wait a minute.....I forgot she bought nails for the staple gun!!! That's my sister...LOL LOL Not to worry...the nails actually fit the staple gun...thanks to it being a nail gun/staple gun. I do recommend staples though...for anyone that tries re cushioning chair covers!!!

Here is the before picture:

Here is the after picture:

Not bad for just $8.00 and an hour of our time!!!


Meghan said...

This is going to sound dumb but how did you get the seat off teh chair & then back on the chair?

My dining room is in fairly good condition but I need the chair pads replaced/cleaned. My ex fil spilled wine on them plus with all the kids they have taken a beating. I would do this in a heartbeat but can't figure out how to get teh seat off the chair. Call it a "redhead" moment! LOL

Miss Mommy said...


All we did was flip the chair over and on the underside of the chairs were 4 long screws that went threw a metal brackets on each corner and into the bottom wood of the chair cushion.

Then we just cut new fabric to size....then pulled and stapled it using a staple gun to the chair pad part. Then flipped it over, placed it in it's place on the metal chair base and then screwed back in place.

Waala!! And Meghan....that was a good may be answer that sounds a bit jumbled up...LOL