Wednesday, May 21

Rotating Toys...It's a Great Thing!!!

Our home is not that large and it seems as though it can get overcome with toys very, very easily!! Especially after the holidays, and birthdays!!! So to make sure that the toys do not overcome us.....I rotate them. In our attic we have a huge Little Tikes Toy box, as well as a few large tubs full of toys. We rotate the toys in the family room and bedrooms with the toys in the attic. Sometimes My Little Man will say "Mom Lets Take a Trip to the Attic", or sometimes I will swap toys while the kiddies are dreaming. My niece even knows about the attic.....and she sometimes asks to swap toys as well...LOL LOL

It has turned out to be a great thing. I am amazed at how quickly the kiddies forget about the toys they have swapped out for over such a short time. When we swap it is like new toys have landed in our home....and for free...LOL LOL Plus, it keeps our home a little less cluttered at the same time!!

Do you swap toys?? Or do you have another way to rotate them??

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