Wednesday, May 7

Need a Nice Mother's Day Card...On the Cheap???

There is just something about a nice card attached to that perfect gift to give to that special someone whatever occasion it is!! The card is the perfect place to write a special note to show someone just how much you care and appreciate them!! I love to receive nice cards...and I also love to give them!!!! But that does not mean that you have to spend $5 on a card for it to be nice!!! In my younger days (before I knew any better) I used to walk into the Hallmark store in our local mall and pay $5-6 for a nice card for every occasion! WOW...I still cannot believe I was so clueless then!!! Then I wised up....oh and discovered that there are lots of stores that carry nice cards at a discount!! They are just as nice as the $5 cards I used to buy, I promise!!

If I ever need a card on a last minute I love to stop into Dollar is very convenient for me as it is right up the road. They always have a huge selection of $1.00 cards. They are very pretty, they have a huge selection, and I always seem to find the perfect card there!! They also carry a line of cards that are 2/$1.00 but they are a bit more basic that the other line they carry. They also carry a nice selection of package Thank You Notes and Invitations as well for cheap!!

You can also purchase name brand cards in a few stores at a discount! If you have to have name brand then (I think Ambassador)this is a great way to go about it!! One store that I know of that discount cards is ShopRite...they take 30% off of the cards regular retail price.....this may also eliminate an extra stop for a card if you already go to ShopRite weekly for your groceries anyway!! They have a very, very big selection and you can get a nice card for about $2.50.

The Christmas Tree Shops also discounts cards as 30% off regular retail price. They too have a great big selection, carry a name brand line (I think American Greetings), and have both packaged and single cards to choose from. They are priced pretty well, and always are fully stocked for any occasion!!

Are You a Hallmark Card fan?? Well you are in luck!! CVS has a great .99 line called Hallmark Wishes these are very nice cards for many occasions....especially at just 99 cents!! They are very nice, simple square-shaped cards....I have given many of them!!! Walmart also carries a Hallmark line called start at just .48 cents each. They also have a huge selection in various price ranges...a great card at a very, very reasonable price!!

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