Friday, May 9

My Great Shorts Deals!!

My Little man is in dire need of a few nice short sleeve "going out shirts" as I call them...I am sure you can relate if you have a lol He is growing like a weed lately and it seems like every time we head out the door and he puts on a shirt, it is too small on him! Either that or the nice "going out shirt" has a big stain on the front of it since he forgot to change his shirt before he went outside to play the other day....Grrr!! So I headed over to Ross this morning to see what I could find............

Of course, not one shirt, figures right?? Oh well, I did really rack up on some short for him though...and Oh so cheaply too!! I got him a pair of Oshkosh khaki cargo style shorts for just $4.99, a pair of Carter's sweat style shorts for $2.99, a pair of Burnside shorts (printed) for $6.99 and a pair Oshkosh (printed) for just $5.99. Man, I was so excited..4 pair of nice, brand name shorts for under $21!!

Now...if I could only find him some shirts to go with the nice shorts...he'd be all set.

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