Friday, May 30

Pay With Paypal & Save....

Do you have a PayPal Account? Do you like to use it while shopping online? I must admit I do have one, but rarely use it as much as I used too. (Ebay is just not what it used to be!!)lol lol I did use it back around the winter holidays...when PayPal was offering a big discount at Shoe Buy if you paid with Paypal....something like $20 off a $50 purchase. That was a great deal for me to buy 2 Christmas presents while saving a good amount too!!

Well, PayPal is once again offering discounts if you purchase using PayPal at certain online sites. The discounts range from Free Shipping to money off your purchase. Hey every little bit helps, right!!

For a complete list of all the discounts being offered at certain sites click here.

Happy Savings:-)

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