Thursday, May 8

The Nice Weather Is Here......

Yes...this week we have been so lucky to have a couple beautiful 70 degree days in a row...and what fun it has been for the kiddies!!! They just love to be fact when it is time to come in, they both get a bit upset (Little Miss even cries sometimes!!). So with the nice weather upon us it is time for some stay-at-home days of fun in the sun!! Over the past few summers we have found many fin things to do outside, but we are always looking for exciting new things to do!

Here are some of the things that the kiddies have a great time doing in the backyard........

*Run threw the Sprinkler.....every spring we head out to Walmart and pick out a new sprinkler, they are usually under $10 or so and it is well worth every penny. We actually just threw away the Elmo sprinkler my son had since he was just over "1". I keep them around until they break, this way it makes it a bit more fun running threw each and every time!!

*Play in the Water Table- About 2 years ago we purchase a Little Tikes water Table off of Craigslist for about $12 or so. It was in great condition and my Little Miss absolutely loves playing in it!! It by far has to be her favorite outside toy!!

*Bubble Machine- This is the best thing ever!! What kid does not like bubbles....and by the lots ans does all the work for you so you can chase them with the kiddies and not run out of blowing bubble power...LOL

*Power Wheels- Yes, they are a tad expensive, and it is not probably an item to buy used...but you will get your moneys worth out of it!! My son got one for his second birthday and he still has it and drives it almost daily!!!

*Yard Games- They are usually sold in sets...our contains the paddle ball and racquet's, a ball toss game, and 2 circular Velcro paddle-like saucers and a sticky ball. We break these out when friends come over and the kiddies have a great time!!

*Sidewalk Chalk- This is the best $3.00 you can spend!!! We purchased a huge tub of chalk at The Christmas tree Shops fro under $3.00 and the kiddies love to draw their names, play hopscotch, and use their imagination to draw on something besides plain old paper!!!

*A Kiddie Pool- Every year we seem to purchase a little bit bigger one then the My Little Man seems to be getting so big so fast!! The first year we bought one...I think it was just $10 or so. We are now up to about the $30 one....but well worth it!!

*Sand Table- We have also had this around for a few years.. Little man still plays in it a few times a now Little Miss is getting into it too...especially since she just discovered she can dump sand on her shoes..LOL LOL

*Sports Sets- We have a golf set, hockey set, baseball set, soccer nets and ball.....these are great to play with the whole family....and lots of good times too!!!

*Bikes- Everyone I am sure has one....and has so many great memories on one too!!

*Play Doh/Finger Painting, Messy Crafts- These are great to play with have fun and mom enjoys the easy clean-up!!!

I think I mentioned a good amount of the fun things we like to do when we spend the day outdoors. Do you and your kiddies have anything fun you do to add??? We'd love to here!!!

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