Saturday, May 3

Where Will You Spend Your Stimulus Checks???

Stimulus checks have just started to reach tax-paying consumers...and now retailer's are looking for ways for you to spend some of that money you receive at their stores!! To intrigue you to spend it instead of saving it companies are offering incentives. While other companies are choosing not to par-take in the incentives at all. Do you think incentives will work?? Or are they too low..... Are they being offered stores you never really go to anyway?? You are a few incentives I saw so far from retailer's.............

*Sears will offer customers a 10% bonus if they convert their stimulus checks into gift cards at a Sears or Kmart store between May 14 and July 19. The bonus cards will have NO expiration date and NO fees.
*Radio Shack will offer consumers who purchase an item priced at $50 or more between May 4 and July 12 will receive a 10% discount on their purchase. Radio Shack will put the remainder of your stimulus check onto a Prepaid MasterCard, which the retailer said can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.
*Walmart is offering to cash you stimulus check for FREE and has also said to expect lower prices on food items such as cereal and lunch meat. Also expect more cute to follow real soon!!

Grocery stores are also trying to lure customers in too......

*Kroger will give customers FREE grocery money loaded to a gift card if you choose to convert your stimulus check there.
*ShopRite is offering a 10% bonus on Rebate Stimulus checks turned into Gift Cards.($300 up to $1200).
*Supervalue Supermarkets....(Albertsons, Acme, Bigg's, Farm fresh, Shaw's, Shop N Save, Lucky, Jewel-Osco, & Shopper's food and Pharmacy) is offering a 10% bonus if you buy a gift card with your economic stimulus check.

So will this make the decision a bit easier for you to decide to spend it.....and help stimulate the economy...or save it...for a rainy day?? Do know of any other retailer's to add to the list?? I am sure as more and more checks start arriving to mailboxes and bank accounts more offers will come up.....we shall should be pretty interesting!!!

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