Wednesday, May 21

Tents...Lots of Fun for The Kiddies!!!

When my Little Man was just "1" he received a Thomas the Train tent for his one of his birthday presents. I can still remember to this day how Cool he thought it was to get inside of it and hide then lift the flap and see me and his Daddy on the outside!! He also had lots of fun sleeping in in as he got a little older too......Wow!!! How I can remember how this tent made nap time so much easier in the terrible two's nap time hours!!!! I cannot even begin to tell you the love I had for it!!! LOL LOL

Not to worry we still have the trusty Thomas tent to this my Little Miss is just as much in love with it as my Little Man was..... Now it is my Little Miss who goes into Little Man's closet and pulls out Thomas to have Little Man set it up for her to play in. She gets so excited!!!

If you are lacking a tent in your home.....right now K.B. Toys has this Spider-Man tent on sale for just $12.99 (down from $34.99) plus it ships for Free!!


Meghan said...

It's funny you posted this b/c I am thinking of getting my little man a tent.
He loves to go in the playhouses & under the dining room table so I was thinking he would love a tent.

Thanks for the tip chica!

Miss Mommy said...

Meghan my Little Guy still plays in it with Little Miss and he is almost 5!!! I am sure your little guy will have lots and lots of fun in it!!!

Hey..maybe even you will too...LOL LOL

Angie said...

My kids both LOVE their tents. Worth every penny!!!