Monday, May 5

Check the Back of The Box.....

That's right...lately I have been seeing more and more coupons on the back of boxes on food items lately. I recently purchased 2 packages of Banquet Brown N Serve Sausage and guess what was on the back.....a coupon for a FREE game of bowling at a Participating Bowling Center. And the even better news is that there are a good amount of participating centers!! Around me there are about 7!! The coupons are valid until May 31, 2008. Since I have two sis and I can take the older two for a game of bowling and just pay shoe rental...A great cheap, fun time that the kiddies will really enjoy!!! You can click here to find out participating bowling centers near you.

Have you seen a great coupon on the back of a box lately......keep your eyes peeled!!! (I know, I know another thing to remember...LOL LOL)

1 comment:

Meghan said...

I have these in the fridge.
Will check the back when I get home.
I bought some Cheerio's & there was a coupon for Pampers on them.
Thank goodness b/c they are the cadillac of diapers & of course, that's what Cheekers wears. LOL