Thursday, May 29

Great Uses For Newspaper.....

Have a stack of newspaper at the end of the week?? Clueless as to what to do with it besides recycling it?? Here are a few great uses for it.....

1. Have a Kitty...Then that means you must have a litter box too! Next time when you empty the litter box and clean it out, before you refill with kitty liter, place a few pieces of folded newspaper down first. This will make cleaning it out next time a bit will also help keep the odor down till next litter change as well!!

2. Use newspaper to wash the windows, glass table tops, mirrors, etc. Newspaper leaves less streaks than paper towels!! Just crumble it and wipe!!

3. Need to ship something breakable.....newspaper makes great packing material for breakables!!

4. Have messy crafty kids?? Newspaper is great to lay down before the start of a messy craft. When the craft is over all you have to do is roll-up the newspaper and throw the whole mess away!!

5. Need to ripen a tomato quickly?? Just wrap the tomato in newspaper and place it on the counter for 24 you have a ready to eat tomato!!

6. Have colorful comics from the Sunday paper?? Use them to wrap a present....frugal and cute!!

7. Have a smell trash can?? Use a few pieces of newspaper to line the bottom of the can...the newspaper will absorb the odor!!

Do you have another great use for newspaper?? Please feel free to add to the list....


Meghan said...

You just gave me some good tips.
I only get the paper on the weekend but always feel bad when I just toss it.

Thanks sista!

Anonymous said...

Newspapers (2-3 pages thick) also make great bookcovers for school books. Comics are fun to use; my high schooler covers his books so the crosswork and sudoku puzzles are on the outside giving him something to do if he finishes his work/test early.