Tuesday, May 20

A Bottle of Ketchup 4 Just 42 Cents......

If you have a little one like my Little Man....you go threw a lot of ketchup!! Ketchup on fries, ketchup on chicken, ketchup on ham, ketchup on a hot dog, ketchup on on a taco...and the list goes on and on....Do not even get me started on the ranch dressing.....LOL LOL

Anyway in yesterday's Sunday paper coupon inserts there was a mail-in-offer for a FREE bottle of Hunt's Ketchup. All you have to do is buy a bottle, copy your receipt, and mail it in along with the mail-in-form and you will receive a rebate up to $3.00.

So for just the cost of a stamp you can have a bottle of ketchup....a pretty good deal!!

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