Sunday, May 25

Playskool Diapers from CVS....Worked For Us!!

I purchased 2 packs of Playskool diapers about a month ago at CVS. They were on sale and I had some coupons for I bought 2 packs to give them a try. They are regularly a bit expensive at about $14 a pack. They only sell Playskool diapers in Mega packs....which are larger than the normal jumbo packs. I am a huge fan of the Playskool baby I figured the diapers would be great too!!

Upon opening up the package....a coupon for $1.00 off any Playskool product fell out...That was a great surprise...LOL LOL I pulled out a diaper and noticed the diaper has cute colorful glow worms along the front waistband. It also has happy face moons and stars all over the diaper as well. They are very tightly packed and have a lovely scent.....they do not have as strong of a scent as Pampers...but they do have a noticeable fresh smell.

The tabs on the Playskool diapers are very stretchy...which is great if your little one is on the border of his/her current size!! The tabs are put on I have gone threw 2 packs of them and have yet to pull of a tab like I do with Huggies!!! You can very easily undo a tab and redo without having to worry about it not sticking again. It will problem!! The legs are also very stretchy...and do not leave marks on baby's legs.

My Little Miss has been wearing the Playskool's for both daytime wear and nighttime wear...without any problems. We have been leak free threw two whole packs. I must admit though that her diaper rarely ever leaks regardless of the brand. I also did not notice a strong smell when the diaper had urine in it either. Some other brands, when urine is absorbed the smell is very's kind of unbearable.

I will say that when not on sale Playskool diapers are a bit expensive! If and when they go on sale again in the future I will definitely purchase them if I have coupons to go along with the sale to make an even better deal. I would say Playskool is a top notch diaper just as good as Pampers...and other name brands!!


SkyLaur said...

hey this is a great review! You need to submit this to some other mom-related blogs & try to get recognition (and more traffic to your blog)!

Babycheapskate's last review of them is from 2006...or maybe some other blog? Thanks for the coupon link - I actually need to go buy more diapers tomorrow....thanks!

Erin said...

Thanks for the review! I've always been a Pampers girl but am considering these diapers, especially since I just got a $3/1 printable in my email from CVS this morning!