Tuesday, May 20

Are You Cutting Back on Groceries???

I read this article yesterday about more and more people shopping for today verses stockpiling groceries like in the past. People do not like having to spend $4 on a gallon of milk...none the less having to spend $8 at one time for 2 gallons that will last threw the week. So now they get a gallon today...and wait to spend the extra cash for the second gallon until the 1st is gone. Do you agree with this?? Do you think buying for today will help to save you money on your grocery bill??

I am a bit torn by the article myself. I do agree that you should try your hardest not to have food go to waste or spoil. But I also think that if there is a great sale on an item that use regularly...stock up while the price is low...this was you will save by not having to pay full price next week, or the week after when you run out. For example at our local ShopRite if you buy 2 gallons of milk at a time you get a $1.00 discount. So then why wouldn't you buy 2 as long as you know you will use them, right?? Also what about all the gas you will be wasting by making multiple weekly trips to the grocery store?? Not to mention the time you are wasting. Ohh and for me some pretty unhappy kids as well!!! LOL LOL

They also mention companies coming out with smaller sized containers/packaging. You just have to be sure to check the price per unit as they mention. And it does not always mean the larger the size the better the deal!! So please be careful...and read the labels!!! Or just shop the sales...and you will be in good shape with this as well!!!

Shopping sales, using coupons, and being an organized well-informed shopper is your best best in my opinion to save on your grocery bill. But be the judge yourself, you can read the full article here.

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