Friday, May 2

Time To Plant Those Garden Annuals.....

Ah favorite time of year!! I absolutely love to plant annuals in our yard...not only for the added color and beauty of the pretty flowers...but I really enjoy the bonding and planting time with my Little Man!! He is such a big helper in the garden!! And I know that before long he will be "To Cool" to help his mom plant flowers in the I am treasuring every moment of it!! Not to worry...I have a Little Miss that I will recruit probably next year....LOL LOL

I always head to the same place every year to buy my annuals...Produce Junction. If you have never been to one during flower season....make sure to go on a weekday!! The place really gets busy...and flowers and pots go fast...real fast!!

I headed there yesterday and loaded up with enough flowers to do all the pots in my yard. They also have very reasonably priced hanging baskets that you can plant yourself too!! I also picked up two of these hanging baskets as well....I get the smaller if I buy a pre-made hanging baskets they are two wide for the hooks I hang them on. These are very cheap and perfect for the spot I place them!! Plus, I like making my own then I can put a few varities of annuals and vines in to mix it up a bit!!

The selection varies day in and you may have to make a trip or two, or three to find exactly what you are looking for. But for the price it is well worth it!! This year flats of annuals at our local Produce Junction are just $9.00. They also have tons and tons of premium annuals, geraniums, vinca vines, spikes, azalea's, hanging baskets, planters, hibiscus's, and sometimes perennials.

Do you have a favorite place you purchase your flowers for the yard??

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