Tuesday, May 13

Have A Little Swimmer in Your House??

Well my daughter received a gift card to Buy Buy Baby for her birthday back in February....and we have still yet to use it up yet!! So I decided to make a quick run in and see if I could find anything for her. Still on the lookout for a spring jacket...of course I still have not found one, oh and summer is almost here anyway!! Maybe I should just give up, ya think?

Anyway I had my gift card and 20% off coupon in hand (received in the mail last week)...walked around the store and could not come up with anything! Then as I was about to walk out the door....they had a huge display of Swim Diapers...I remembered I had a $2.00 off Huggies Little Swimmers coupon from last Sunday's coupon inserts.

The Little Swimmers were $7.49 minus 1.50 (20% off coupon) minus $2.00 (manufacturer coupon)= $3.99. Of, course I did not use up all my gift card..but I got a little closer at least...plus I got a good deal on an item I know will get lots of use for the summer swim season!!

Note: While I was there the associate also mentioned that along worth manufacturer coupons...they also take competitor's coupons as well (i.e. Babies R US, Baby Depot, etc.).


Meghan said...

I actually have a baby blue spring jacket, size 18 months, & in great condition. I got it from Steve & Barry's.

If you are interested, it's yours. I can leave it on my front step in a bag for you. I am right in Haddonfield (Haddon Twp), so let me know. It could be boy or girl!!!

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Meghan...I left you a comment on your blog :-)