Tuesday, May 27

Bring Your Own Bags And Save....

I had to make a quick run yesterday into ShopRite for some last minute goodies for a picnic we were attending and I noticed a sign by the registers as I was checking out. ShopRite now offers 5 cents for each cotton/canvas re-usable grocery bag that you reuse and fill up with groceries. You can purchase these re-usable bags almost anywhere now from around .99 cents...I have also seen some given away for free on a few occasions too...i.e. Macy's on Earth Day, etc.

The re-usable bags are also great for library trips too!! Each week when we make the trip and My Little Man picks out about 5 books, a movie, and a computer game placing them all in the re-usable shopping bag is a great convenience!! Trust me pushing a stroller, holding a purse, and carrying books not in a bag is a huge challenge...Believe me I have experienced it more than once!! LOL LOL

I just keep a few re-usables in my trunk....and then whenever, wherever I need one I always have it!! They are a great for helping the environment and sometimes you can even get paid for using them too!!

ShopRite still does offer the 2 cents back for the plastic or paper bags you re-use as well.

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Meghan said...

I found that out a few weeks ago when I took my canvas bags in.
The lady gave me 5 cents.
So spaved!