Wednesday, May 28

Cleaning Out...

How is it that over the course of just 1 season...we have accumulated so much stuff?? I can remember clear as day cleaning out closets, drawers, toy boxes, etc. just last fall. Yesterday as I attempted to put my sons movies away, I realized that it is just way to full to even stick in one more DVD!!! I decided that it was time to time clean out ..not only the movie bins, but the bathroom closet, hall closet, a few kitchen cabinets, the toy bins, and even try to organize the attic a little better.

I try to make the kiddies part of the cleaning action...this way as to not make it seem like a day of dreaded cleaning!!! The kiddies loved helping take things out of the closets and toy bins....My Little Man, actually asked when we can do it again?? They thought it was so much fun...making a big mess in the middles of the floor!! They however, did not help with the organizing and putting things they seemed to have disappeared by that point...Can you blame them??

I always try to move out the old when the new comes in.....but it is not always how it works!! Sometimes, My Little Man is just not always ready to part with those PJ's that look like high waters on him just yet.....Yikes!!! And being an understanding mom....I let them hang around a bit longer until he agrees...he looks like he is awaiting a flood!! LOL LOL

We have just a bit more cleaning out to do....we will get to it I am positive whenever I get to will still be there!! Unless your volunteering to help??

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