Thursday, May 1

The Best Time to Purchase.......

Yes, it is true stores have certain sales and clearances certain times of the year. If you have an idea of when things get marked down or tend to go cheaper then you can try to plan on purchasing those items then (if possible). Remember, this is a guideline to go may not be exact, but this is usually how it works.

January - This is the best time to purchase left over Christmas items, winter clothing, and toys left over from the holidays season. You will also see "White Sales" this month as well...sheets, bedding, pillows, etc. Stores are trying to clear out before the spring arrivals hit the shelves! Furniture sales will also be goiung on in January too.

February - Good time to buy used they just became another year older!! Also a great time to buy furniture, curtains, and housewares.

March - Stock up on ski the season is about to end!! Garden supplies, luggage, spring clothing, infants' wear, shoes, . luggage, skates,

April - Now is the time to buy for next Easter...stock up on baskets, left over Easter toys, woman's & girls dresses, shoes, Easter hats, gloves & both men's and boys suits. If you can estimate the right sizes you will need for next can real snag a great deal!! Bridal gowns are also on Clearance this month as wedding season is fast approaching!!

May - Time to clean-up and take care of the yard for out for lawn and garden sales!!! As this month includes Mother's day...look for lots of gifts for Mom to be on sale!! Great time to stock up on winter purses and women's undergarments too.

June - Great sales on summer clothing and dresses. Also you should see a few refrigerators on sale this month as well. Lots of camping and fishing sales, as well as cologne sales this months as Father's Day is in mid-June!!

July - Time to start thinking about next summer....this month summer shoes, sandals, summer clothes, and bathing suits will be at a discount!! And if you'd like you can still use them for the rest of this summer as well!! Also look for deals on air conditioners & summer sports equipment this month as well. Stores are now thinking "Back to School".

August - Time for the garden and outdoors savings to begin!! Look for markdowns on lawn mowers, sprinklers, pool equipment, BBQ sets, grills, fans, garden tools, patio furniture, etc. This is also a great time to shop for a new car as the new models are just coming out!! This months the "Back to School"sales start as well!!!

September - "Back to School" sales are now in full swing!! Look for great deals on children's clothing, back backs, crayons, markers, notebooks, computers, college dorm accessories, rugs, microwaves...and anything else Back to School" related!!

October - You will now find whatever "Back to School" items that are left will now be on "Big Time" clearance!! Time to get ready for the Christmas season!!

November - Usually a few good sales on Pre-Christmas items. You will also start to see a few sales on winter boots. And remember....the biggest shopping "deal" day of the year....the day after Turkey Day!!!

December - Great time to stock up on leftover gift items, wrapping paper, holiday decorations, and lights. Also remember that December 26th is a Great Day to snatch up some great bargains in most departments!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you are saying but I have also found sites that offer deals all year round like for kids clothes and for mens :)

Miss Mommy said...

Thanks for the links Phil.....I will see if I can find any deals;-)