Thursday, May 22

My Macy's Trip...Sucessful Savings!!!

I am a huge fan of Macy's....yes they can be very expensive...but if you shop there the way I really can get some great deals!! I am not a huge credit card user at fact I rarely use them! The only times I do are when I purchase things online or if there is a discount or savings for me to take advantage of it I do use a credit card to pay. I signed up for a Macy's card many years ago after my mom informed me that is how she gets all those great money-savings coupons....for beoing a Macy's cardholder they periodically mail you out coupons and offers. I thought sure why not!

So just last week Macy's sent me out a letter with 4 coupons attached that are valid until mid-July. I thought today while I had to run to the mall anyway, I would pop in to see just what could find at Macy's...if anything. I only shop the Clearance that is where the best deals are to be had!! Needless to say that I am a very quick shopper at most stores...since I only really look at a fraction of the merchandise. I do browse and check out non-clearanced items on occassion that I like...only to return later to see if they are clearanced yet. It's kind of like a game.....a fun game too!! I only made it threw the women's department Little Miss was not to into shopping at all today!! LOL LOL

This is what I purchased......
-2- Pair of Misses Flare Jeans
-2- Style & Company Shirts

Everything was on clearance PLUS I had a $10 off $30 purchase I paid just $24.98 for everything!!!! Not too bad for two outfits, right??

You can pretty much shop anywhere and find great just have to know your prices, have coupons, be patient, ...and look for the clearance signs!!!

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