Friday, May 16

Tons of Diaper Clearance At Acme!!!

I made a quick run into Acme tonight and noticed that they had a 2 large tables filled with baby Diapers clearance!!! Brands included Pampers Baby Dry, Pampers Feel N Learns (boys and girls), Huggies, and Acme Brand (I cannot remember the exact name). They had sizes 1,2, 5 and 6. Of course no size 3 or 4's the size I need...Grr!! lol lol The jumbo packs were priced at $5.49...the bigger packs (megas) at $8.49. Not sure how much the Acme brand was..there was no price on the stickers. Not sure if this is every Acme...but if you go...remember to check it out!!! The tables were located in the back of the store near the milk and eggs.

Let me know if you strike gold!!!!

**I will post my Acme trip tomorrow...stay was a good one!!!!

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