Friday, April 18

My Rant About EveryDay with Rachael Ray Magazine....

It was about 5 months ago and I was checking out the cheap magazine subscriptions at Best Deal Magazines. I came across Everyday With Rachael Ray, it was a 2 year subscription for for $6.xx. I always like to watch her on TV...well I used too when I actually had time to watch lol So I decided to order was cheap enough, right.

Well, I started receiving the magazines about 8 weeks after I had ordered them. I started reading it and found a few recipes that caught my eye, showed hubby to see if he would eat them...and then started to experiment (referring to me in the kitchen!!) Well, the first recipe we tried was okay.....some type of flavored burger on fancy thick bread. (My personal description) Then we tried one of her her Reuben recipes...again it was okay...Not a lot of flavor, a bit expensive to make, just not to impressed. I thought maybe it was just hubby and I??? Maybe our taste buds were off? Maybe we were picking out the not-so-great recipes of hers?? Man, they looked so good on TV and in the magazine!!!!

Over the past 2 weeks we tried two more of her recipes from last months magazine. We tried this Tortellini with Peas recipe, and the Chicken Cattitore recipe with Orzo pasta. Guess what??? They were both not too good!!! Yes, in fact the Tortellini recipe had no flavor at all!!! Tasted like plain tortellini, we never spent time making a sauce for it. We ended up eating PB&J sandwiches that night for dinner, not kidding!!! I even trekked around to buy a few of the ingredients that I needed for the recipe (Parmesan cheese, Scallions, Tortellini Pasta). I was in the kitchen making it for about 45 minutes total. Bummer!!

Hubby was reluctant...but we tried the Chicken Cattitore last week....and it was tasteless as well!!! Maybe we just love flavor?? Although it is supposed to taste like something, right?? Hubby is a great cook....and he said before even making the recipe it seemed to be missing something. He was was missing the tasty part!!!!

Well, needless to say when I receive my Rachael Ray Magazine this month...I will not even be opening it up!! It will just go right to the paper trash....and to think that I signed up for 2 Years....Yikes!!!!

Have you tried any of Rachael Recipes??? Or are we just a bit to critical??? (Hey, be nice, now!!) lol lol


Meghan said...

I love her magazine but I have made several recipes out of it.

I made a shrimp w/ feta cheese that is delish, I make these hamburger muffin dohickey's...really good.

I did make the pumpkin pasta & it was bland. I felt like I was eating bland, orange fettucini.

So, what I really want to say is, don't give up on RR. I really enjoy her mag & my family benefits. This months mag features recipes w/ bacon & you know what they say...put bacon on anything & everyone will eat it. LOL

Miss Mommy said...

I will have to remember the bacon lol

Maybe that's what I was missing all along?? :-)

SkyLaur said...

I have made 2 Rachael Ray meals, one (Fancy Hamburgers with portabella mushrooms) was not so great but the other one (Sicilian Meatloaf) is delicious! Both Elliott & my roommate love it and Elliott usually doesn't like anything even slightly different.

It doesn't take too long to make, but it uses some ingredients you might have to buy specially (like pine nuts , and they can be expensive at the regular grocery store). Still, I highly recommend it. you can check it out on the food network at this link:,,FOOD_9936_30525,00.html

I make it with Spinach instead of Arugulu...and I've never made the accompanying pasta part, so I can't comment on how tasty it may or may not be..

Katie Gregg said...

I've never made her recipes, because they really LOOK bland to me. I like spice way too much. I find her ideas to be a good jumping off point for creating my own recipes, but that's about it!