Thursday, April 24

ShopRite's Coupons May Differ From Store to Store......

Yesterday I had to run to ShopRite to get a few things, and I happened to stop by the service desk to ask where an item was located and the associate and I started chatting. Somehow we got on the topic of coupons and I had mentioned that ShopRite had a few great store coupons on the front of the circular this week. They had coupons for 80% ground beef for .98 a lb, sweet or hot Italian Sausage for $1.48 a lb., Marcal 20 pack of Toilet Paper for just $5.98, and Tyson Boneless Chicken Breast for just .98 a lb.

The associate said their store only had the Italian Sausage coupons on the front of their store circular this week none of the others. Plus a few other coupons that were not so great...... She proceeded to say that stores are owned by a couple different owners and they do not always have the same coupons on the front of the grocery paper (if there are coupons on the front that week). But, ShopRite will accept ALL ShopRite coupons reguardless of what ShopRite they are from!

You see I receive the circular from a ShopRite that is close to my house and is owned by a different owner than the store I shop at. So I can use the coupons from the circular they mail to me PLUS the coupons that are on the front of the circular of the store I shop at too. Pretty cool, right?? And to think of all the times I walked right past the store circular at the front of the think of all the deals I missed out on :-(


Meghan said...

I do that all the time.
I get the coupons for $5 off of $30 for the new store on Brace Rd but I use it at the one at the Garden State Pavillions. Just did yesterday as a matter of fact.
Gotta love Shop Rite!

Miss Mommy said...

Your one Lucky duck.....they never send me $5/30 purchase coupons anymore.......they must already know I am hooked to ShopRite.....LOL LOL